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  • What is (BPO) Business Process Outsourcing?

    This is when a company agrees with an external provider for services or business processes. This includes customer services, front office management or back-office functions such as financial services and monitoring daily operations. Besides, BPO may also have technical support or promotional calls for products and outbound telemarketing and inbound document processing.

  • How can an Outsourcing Company Help me grow my Business?

    Outsourcing has already made many businesses big or small very successful by letting businesses focus on their core competencies rather than focusing on other stuff which is incidental to the business. from, Minimized Management Costs, Outstanding back office activities results to Lowered hiring Costs since they manage everything From hiring and management. BPO Allows you to focus on major and profit making activities hence your growth in ROI increases with more time invested in it.

  • What industries do you support?

    Utel Global Company Limited, has extensive experience with various industries including Telecommunications, communications, Healthcare call center, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Public sector, Technology, retail, Logistics and transportation, Insurance, Security, Mining, Business and Accounting, Legal entities and Engineering.

  • How can call center outsourcing help my Business?

    1. Competitive cost/lower cost 2. Increase In flexibility 3. We provide 24/7 customer service. 4. You can easily transfer overflow calls. 5. It can help with quality of service.


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