Enhancing Telecom in Africa

For many years telecom industry in Africa have been facing a lot of security challenges in the base stations. To this effect the telecom firms require or spend huge amount of resources to manage and ensure that all of their telecommunication infrastructures such as (towers and Base stations) are safely guarded.

To retain the competitive world of the telecommunications industry, the companies need to focus on catering to growing demand of technology and connectivity. Therefore, the best and efficient way to reduce the security challenges and management cost of your base station infrastructure is to outsource our service.

Outsourcing to us will enable you to focus on specific growth areas of your telecom business. Contact us today for a solution to your base stations’ surveillance challenges.

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Under Telecommunications we offer the following solutions.

Securing of Base Stations and Equipment

Securing of BTS site and all equipment contained therein

  • We provide 24/7 on the ground security watch guard to secure the BTS site and all equipment’s contained therein
  • We control the access of the BTS site i.e. entry and exit at the site to the authorized staff and relevant agents.
  • We control refueling based on the agreed measures to be observed by security on the ground
  • Coordinate and escalate uncertainty incidents to the relevant government authorities for further assistance
Provide basic operation and technical support instruction remotely by authorized engineers.
  • Respond on the assigned alarm to rescue the BTS site from various emergencies
  • Manual operation of the generator i.e., switches ON/OFF.
  • Operate the changing over switch in case of electricity blackout
  • Proactively respond to surveillance alarm notifications to minimize risks
  • Troubleshoot basic technical faults i.e. circuit breaker tripping
Network Operation Center
Network Operation Center (NOC)
  • We provide 24/7 remotely monitoring of the BTS site to proactively alert the security on the ground using a professional monitoring system NOCPRO ver4.
  • Collaborate with the client (Owner) in rescuing the site in various emergencies occurred