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As one of the core parts of your organization Human resources Department should efficiently maximize the performance of your employees for the benefit of your company’s objectives and aims. This starts with the way your staff are selected and recruited, how you train and develop them, their appraisal and the rewards they receive for their performance.

We are experts in supply and Administration of labour force in all sectors/Industries where for more than 6 years we have succeeded on creating an outstanding experience to various Organizations. So how about yours?…

Human resources solutions

Under HR Solutions we provide the following services.



We adopt a rigorous and standardized approach to sourcing, screening, interviewing and deploying the right candidates to fill junior or senior level roles for our clients.

Staff Records Management

Our technology-enabled processes and standardized procedures allows efficient cataloguing, secure storage and easy retrieval of employee data.

Staff Training

With our structured and standardized structures, we ensure the smooth transition of our employees into your organization, and we provide continuous upskilling to meet the demands of the job.

Health Insurance Management

Our partnerships with leading health insurance providers allow us to provide adequate and effective health coverage plans to our employees and the public at large.

Staff Payroll Management


We adopt a rigorous and standardized approach to sourcing, screening, interviewing and deploying the right candidates to fill junior or senior level roles for our clients.

Performance management


Conducting regular check-ins with our clients to ensure employees deliver value as expected and proffer performance management strategies to improve productivity.

Leave and exit management


With our structured plans and processes, we make sure the leave and exit management of the employees are well accounted for and follow due diligence.


Get the best results from your Manpower.

We do not just get you the best employees to meet your goals but we build you the best team to take your business to the next level.

It’s an undeniable truth that any company demands the best team which does not only possess the best qualities but also can produce and reach the goals set for the company.

We are determined in supply and administration of labor force within industries but also stand and ensure the team meets the desired goals that the company has. Payroll services, healthcare administration, hiring and recruitment, workforce training and insurance processing.

Our Uniqueness

A major challenge most Organization’s face is hiring the right talent for their businesses seen mostly in small and medium Organizations. Transferring all or part of your recruitment process to us, we act as an extension of your HR team.

  • We’re Passionate About Helping Businesses Focus and Do More with Less

    We are Tanzania’s leading outsourcing company with a great record on workforce outsourcing. Including employee lifecycle management is time-consuming, stressful, and difficult to manage effectively. Our sector-specific consultants, associate staff, and operations experts help our clients uncover hidden opportunities to unlock their potential and deliver lasting impact in highly competitive industries and markets across Africa. You will save money, reduce compliance risks, and streamline your operations.

  • We provide highly qualified people with specialized expertise for greater flexibility and productivity

    The ability of an organization to execute and deliver on its mission is largely dependent on the quality, capabilities and competencies of its employees. These factors are very crucial to the survival and continued existence of an organization that its leaders can not afford to be sentimental or indecisive in their bid to ensure it attracts and retains employees that add value and help to deliver on its strategic business goals and objectives.

With our Solutions we deliver the right staff, Technology and methodology to support your inhouse team and ensure that you get the right candidates who will deliver the best in the desired roles to be filled.

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