Telecom Base Stations Surveillance & Security Services

Securing of BTS site and all equipment contained therein

  • Provide 24/7 on the ground security watch guard to secure the BTS site and all equipment’s contained therein.
  • Controlling the access of the BTS site i.e. entry and exit at the site to the authorized staff and relevant agents.
  • Refueling control based on the agreed measures to be observed by security on the ground.
  • Coordinate and escalate uncertainty incidents to the relevant government authorities for further assistance.

General cleaning of the BTS site compound (Always keep the site clean)

Provide basic operation and technical support instructed remotely by authorized engineers

  • Respond on the assigned alarm to rescue the BTS site from emergencies.
  • Manually ON/OFF of the generator.
  • Operate the changing over switch in case of electricity blackout.
  • Proactively respond to surveillance alarm notifications to minimize risks.
  • Troubleshoot basic technical faults i.e. circuit breaker tripping.

Network Operation Center

  • Provide 24/7 remotely monitoring of the BTS site to alert in advance the security on the ground.
  • Collaborate with the client (Owner) in rescuing the site in various emergencies occurred.