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World Class Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

In today’s connected world, a successful business is often an efficient one, and the difference can come down to smart, innovative processes, with suitably adapt management.

We posses modern Business process management techniques can take your business from good to great and from local to internationals.

Help your Business achieve more with less and reach new heights of profits by choosing the…

Achieving the Best results with less

As one of the core parts of your organization Human resources Department should efficiently maximize the performance of your employees for the benefit of your company’s objectives and aims.

This starts with the way your staff are selected and recruited, how you train and develop them, their appraisal and the rewards….

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Results Driven Experience

Whether it is maximizing your business’s revenue opportunities or reducing costs, at Utel Global Company Limited, we work continuously to improve our performance metrics in order to optimize your return on investment.


We are you

We are an extension of you and your brand, we operate effectively and seamlessly that every solution has the appearance of being an internal operation. In doing so, clients experience a net increase in customer satisfaction.


Complete Transparency

We understand that it is vital you stay connected to your customers, which is why open communication and accountability are key to our approach. We provide you with total access to every detail in every customer experience within your account.

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The Dimensions we Impact


Insurance Sector

As also an important in Businesses Sector Utel Global offers:

  • Workforce Management
  • Contact Center
  • Backoffice Solutions such as ICT support
Telecommunications Sector

To retain the competitive world of the telecommunications industry, the companies need to focus on catering to growing demand of technology and connectivity.

In the Telecom Industry we offer the following solutions:

  • Securing Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) and equipment.
  • Provide basic operation and technical support instruction remotely by authorized engineers.
  • Monitoring of the network operation Center
Mining and Energy Sector

Our flexible  services for Mining are such as:

  • Field workforce Management
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support (ICT)


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    For more than six (6) year of providing outstanding Outsourcing Solutions we ensure that our Consultations provides you with the right answers to your Business challenge

    End to end Customized Solutions

    We provide end to end customized outsourcing services, Continuing Planning and on time delivery which ensures fulfillment of the need.

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